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Bristowe Consort

Sample Programmes

A number of different options are available from a full-lenghth programme of approx 75-80 min of music plus a interval, to a short programme of approx 35-40 min with or without an interval. We can also arrange to share a programme other groups so that the recorder sound is broken up into shorter sections. We have given concerts with a string quartet, a brass quartet and a choir. We are also able to give a lecture/recital to schools or U3A groups outlining the history, construction, sizes, use and music of the recorder from 14th to 21st Century. The length and the level at which the the lecture should be pitched can be discussed.

If all six members of the consort are available works with 4, 5 and 6 parts can be performed to give great variety. With five players 4 and 5-part works will be performed, with the occasional trio; and with four players works with 3 and 4 will be played.

The different sizes of recorser are indicated as follows:-
Sop - Sopranino, S - Soprano (Descant), A - Alto (Treble), T - Tenor, B - Bass, G - Great Bass, C - Contra Bass

Programme 1

Six Players - full length

Agnus Dei       Claudio Monteverdi (1567 - 1641)
    arr. for six recorders (SATTBB) by Sandra Foxall
Fantasia à 6       John Wilbye (1574 -1638)
    arr. for six recorders (TTBBGC) by Marilyn Wailes
Dance Suite for recorder sextet (SAATTB)       John Hawkes
         Intrada, Pavane, Waltz, Blues, Galop
Three Dances (1511)       Tielman Susato (c.1500 - c.1561)
    arr. for four recorders (SATB) by Edgar Hunt
         Galliard: Le Tout, Ronde, Hoboeckentanz
Winds of Change (1996)       Michael Short
    for five recorders (SAATB)
The Nutting Girl       Traditional
    arr. for five recorders (SATBG) by Alyson Lewin


Allemande, Pavan XIII, Galliard XIII (1614)       William Brade (1560 - 1630)
    for six recorders (SSATTB)
Three Dances       Paul Clark
    for recorder quintet (SATTB)
         Cathy’s Czardas, Sylvia’s Sarabande, Paula’s Polka
Fantasia à 5       John Ward (1571 - 1638)
    arr. for recorders (AATBG) by Pam Smith
Ricecar (1988)       Mathias Maute
    for recorder quartet (AAAB)
The Songe called Trumpetts       Robert Parsons (d.1570)
    arr. for six recorders (AATTBB) by Bill England
The Earle of Oxford’s Marche       William Byrd (1542 - 1623)
    arr. for six recorders (SAATTB) by Stanley Taylor

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Last modified: 22 February 2013